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Can you sell over Christmas?



It happens every year – first the Melbourne Cup, then the Christmas tree goes up, school reports get sent home, and we all put our feet up and think we should wait until the New Year to make any big decisions… And that includes decisions about selling a house.   But do we have to […]

New trends making a splash – The ‘smart’ pool.



It is now possible for your pool to be fully automated from anywhere at the swipe or touch of a button. Smart phone apps exist to completely control spa jets, filtration, and fancy LED lighting. There are pools that will also integrate with your in-home personal assistant e.g google home, so it is not just […]

Rural Market Wrap


Rural lifestyle

There is a positive tone in the market at the moment. New property listings are tempting buyers to act sooner than later. The past two years I have seen significant property improvements being made everywhere I go and this activity is encouraging buyers to be more open with their level of interest than previous years. […]

Setting Your Asking Price



Pricing your property is a balancing act, on the one hand, you want to set an asking price that will ensure you gain maximum buyer interest and on the other hand you don’t want to price your property too high that you receive no offers. Before you launch your property online and start your campaign […]

Long Term Capital Growth



Everyone in the market to invest do so for different reasons, yet for most it’s to fund their retirement with the important factor being long term capital growth.     In order to achieve strong long term capital growth on your investment purchase, tenant selection is paramount, coupled with maintenance management plans, regular inspections, annual […]

Gwandalan Breakdown


Suburb Breakdown

The size of Gwandalan is approximately 3 square kilometres. It has 2 parks covering nearly 2% of total area. The population of Gwandalan in 2006 was 2,502 people. By 2011 the population was 3,030 showing a population growth of 21% in the area during that time. The predominant age group in Gwandalan is 0-14 years. […]